Sunday, July 28, 2013

International day for Paying it Forward

I am thankful. I need to give back.
Giving back gives me joy, a lot of joy.
During this journey, I have learned to be thankful. 
When I look around my life, I only see things that I am thankful for. 
I feel the urge to give back. I feel the urge to pay forward.
I feel guilty if I don't. I feel happy if I do.
Giving back and paying forward gives me a high. It is a strange feeling. It is a good feeling.

We sent a bag full of medical supplies to Uganda and Kenya that we collected thanks to the kindnes of some friends and family. When I saw the shining smiles coming out of the beautiful dark skin of Ken, Jane, Julius  and Father Thomas, I could not resist the urge to drop a few tears, tears of happiness. Father Thomas sent me a message saying that they were happy and that they dared to say that happiness is a choice!  My heart almost exploded.

I want to do an experiment, "the pay forward experiment".  Since it feels so good to pay forward, not only for the giver but also to the receiver, why don't we try for one day, to all do at least one act of kindness to someone.  It could be anything, from paying for coffee to the person behind you in the Starbcucks drive through line to feeding some one that is hungry.  Make sure you tell the person that he/she needs to pay it forward. After that, please write a comment in The Happiness is a Choice facebook page. Write what you did and what you felt. The more people that do it, the more happy people there will be.... Willing to try?

We will call it "The International day for paying forward". Let's do it on October 8th, 2013. Start thinking what you will do. Start planning what you will do. Spread the word. We have 1 month to create awareness. Let's make it big.

This post is dedicated to my friends in Uganda Father Thomas, Jane, and Julius and my friend in Kenya Kennedy. They have taught me the value of kindness, humbleness and courage!

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